We are locals.

Formally Forgotten Valley Pest Services. We have recently rebranded to Circular Pest Services. We wanted a brand that best descibed who we are, what we do and the level of service we provide. Circular is a brand that provides a complete, thorough and full service each and every time. We ensure that we complete each job thoroughly and without cutting any corners. We are all about quality of work.

Credentials and Accreditations:

  • Fully Licensed Pest Management Technician License
  • Fully Insured – General & Public Liability $20,000,000
  • AEPMA (Australian Environmental Pest Management Association) certified
  • Licensed by National Parks & Wildlife to remove and relocate possums
  • Accredited installers of Ensystex, Homeguard, TERM-seal and Nemisis termite systems.
  • Trained and licensed Termidor, Altriset and Biflex applicators
  • The assurance that all pest management work is carried out in accordance with industry codes of practice and regulations and the relevant Australian Standard