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Whilst there is no sure fire cure for preventing termite entry there are several measures which can be implemented which will make your home extremely unlikely to be subject to termite entry. Regular inspections are key to prevention and along with inspections there are several methods that can be implemented to protect your home against termite attack. Our termite inspection of your property will assist in determining the most suitable option for your circumstances. Our termite reports will also report on conducive conditions that may be attracting termites to your property or allowing them to enter your home undetected, this will allow you to make some changes that won’t make it so easy for termites to get where they want to go. 

Chemical treatment zone

A chemical treatment zone is installed by digging a trench around the perimeter of your home and flooding this trench with a liquid termiticide. This creates a zone around the entire perimeter of the home, when foraging termites reach the external footings looking for a way in they will also come in contact with the chemical zone.

  • Termidor/Altriset - These products will not only stop termites but also allows transfer of the product to other termites in the colony. These are non-repellent chemicals meaning termites cannot detect the product and will not avoid the treated area. As termites continue to forage through the soil they will come into contact with the product and start to die, as they are dying they are able to transfer the product to other termites as they return to the nest, the nest can then be eliminated.

  • Biflex – Biflex quickly kills any termite that comes into contact with the product and it also acts as a repellent to keep termites away from your home. This a repellent chemical, which means the termites know it is there and hence avoid it. However if they do come into contact with the chemical it will kill them instantly.



Circular Pest Services Coffs Harbour only use the most reliable and safest product available. We want to be sure your home will be protected and won’t compromise the quality by using generic products.

Monitoring stations

In-ground stations are installed around your property in accordance with the Australian Standards. These stations create an interception zone that is designed to intercept foraging termites and attract them to the stations before they reach your home. It provides a food source alternative designed for termites in the area to find before they hit your home.

Once stations have been installed they are checked regularly for any termite activity. If live termites are found in any of the stations they are baited so the termites transfer the chemical back to the colony. The termite bait will be replenished until the colony has been eradicated.

The major benefit of monitoring stations is knowing how much bait the termites have consumed thus knowing if they have consumed enough to eradicate the entire colony.

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