The first level of protection against termite entry comes prior to building your home. Subterranean termites enter the home from the ground up, so it makes sense that the first line of defence is on the foundations of a home.

The type of pre-construction termite control system will depend on the type of building and will require a multi stage installation throughout the construction process. A physical layer can be placed underneath the slab or capping on top of the piers and to perimeter of house as the construction progresses. As this will be installed in order to provide long term protection it is vital that this physical shield be installed correctly. If you are undertaking a renovation or building a new home we can help provide you with the best solution for your home. We work with your builder to ensure each stage of your termite protection is installed as the building phase progresses.

The Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standards 3660.1 require any new home or homes that are undergoing a renovation have a termite management system in place to deter subterranean termite entry. The termite management system must meet Australian standard to comply with regulations and receive a certificate of occupancy.

Ensuring your termite protection is installed correctly is essential as incorrect installation will diminish the effectiveness of the termite protection and may leave your home open to termite attack.

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