Termite Damage

These are images of some of the types of damage to structural timbers in subfloor and roof void we regularly encounter during pest inspections.

Purchasing your home can be the biggest investment of your lifetime. Ensure you are receiving a quality inspection on this major purchase.

Make sure you have all of the information you need to make the best decision. This means taking care to choose a pest inspector that will take their time to thoroughly inspect the home that you will spend many years repaying.

Circular Pest Services Coffs Harbour only perform thorough inspections to Australian Standards 4349.3. We inspect your home as if we were inspecting a home we were purchasing.

Choosing the right pest inspection company will make ALL of the difference.  

When purchasing a property you want a professional inspector that is working for you and undertaking a pest inspection in your best interest, an inspector that is taking the time to go over the home with attention to every detail. Termites are small and have exceptional ways of entering timber from beneath the ground. It really is of vital importance as so often we have been called in after a purchase has been made and termite damage/activity has been discovered.

We undertake pre-purchase timber pest inspections according to the requirements of the Australian Standard 4349.3. We report on the presence or otherwise of the infestation and/or damage caused by subterranean and dampwood termites, timber borers and wood decay and the presence of conditions that are conducive to attack by these pests, such as water leaks, high moisture, poor drainage, inadequate ventilation, inadequate slab edge exposure, non-durable timber in direct ground contact, termite shields and any other situations considered a pest risk to your property. The degree of risk of timber pest attack to your property is determined and recommendations are made to help you reduce this risk. Our inspections include a thermal imaging scan.

A thermal imaging camera detects thermal anomalies such as hot and cold spots caused by termites, water leaks, poor insulation, electrical faults, rodents and snakes, in surfaces that are scanned.

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