Termite Workings

These are images of termite workings. We have chosen images that show that most of the time these are not easily identified and hopefully it shows that you need a qualified inspector and regular inspections.

You spend a lot of money on insurance for your home - having an annual termite inspection at a fraction of this cost can be as important as insuring your home. Termites affect one in every three homes, and the cost of damage from termites is more than than fire, floods and storm in Australia combined.

Termites are not easy to detect. They are small in size and pale in colour and live in a protective underground environment meaning they are concealed from sight. Termites travel underground and can gain access to a home through timber in ground contact or they can build mud tunnels to gain access to a home through a tiny access point only millimetres in size. Termites are relentless in their pursuit for a food source.

As termite activity is often concealed it is easy for it to go unnoticed, an enormous amount of damage can be done before it becomes apparent to the homeowner. By this time structural damage is possible which will be an expensive building repair.

To ensure that termites have not found their way into your home it is vital to have regular inspections undertaken. Regular termite inspections can detect termites before extensive damage can be done. Termites can eat the timbers from the inside out leaving only the paint on the exterior of the timber.

A full visual inspection (to Australian Standard 3660.2) of your home including the interior, exterior, sub floor and roof void where applicable and accessible will be undertaken. Findings of the inspection will be presented in a report, which will also include conditions that may be conducive to termite attack and measures that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of attack.

Circular Pest Services ensures all inspections are carried out under Australian Standards 3660.2. The thoroughness of our inspections is second to none as we take pride in making sure the job is done properly.

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